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Heveatech Outdoor Timber Decking

Using the latest structurally superior laminated veneer lumber (LVL) engineering and proprietary wood impregnation technology, Heveatech is an eco-friendly outdoor decking timber developed for the wood lover minus the shortcomings of traditional solid wood, so you may enjoy the beauty of your outdoor timber decking without worries of durability or termites attack.

Made with 100% real wood harvested from sustainable resources, Heveatech is advanced engineered to be extremely durable and dimensionally stable to resist warping, twisting, cracking, cupping and rotting due to fluctuating temperature under outdoor weather conditions, is termites-resistant, versatile and resource-effective.

Why Heveatech is Superior

Unlike common commercially treated wood where treatment and protection against water, termites infestation and other rot-causing elements is limited to the outer layer of the wood, Heveatech decking timber is fully protected against these concerns. Hence, it can be cut and drilled anywhere without worry of exposing any ‘vulnerable’ parts to unfavourable weather conditions or termites infestations. This saves time and cost as there is no need for Heveatech decking timber to be cut to size and then sent for treatment prior to installation.

Heveatech is ready to be cut, drilled and installed on-site without compromising on its resistance against termites, water and other rot-causing elements. This is made possible by the layer-by-layer treatment of Heveatech through an advanced vacuum impregnation process before they are bonded together with marine-grade adhesive under heat and pressure to form a highly durable and stable solid structure.

Another feature that contributes favourably to Heveatech’s high durability and dimensional stability is its uniform moisture content, achieved through the press-drying of each thinly peeled layer of the reclaimed logs prior to the treatment and binding of the layers.

Truly Eco-friendly Wood from Sustainable Resources

Heveatech is made from rubber trees that are felled from legal sites at the end of its 20 to 30-year latex production life span, with no intended felling of trees. Verified by: Rainforest Alliance US

Traditionally, these logs from felled rubber trees are burned by farmers to make way for a new crop. The purchase of these felled rubber trees for the manufacturing of Heveatech creates a win-win situation, whereby the farmers gain additional income to finance the plantation of their next crop without the need for burning and polluting the environment or the need to clear the debri from the burning, which in turn reduces the lag time required for the planting of their next crop.

In addition, the chemicals used for the bonding and treatment of Heveatech has the lowest chemical emission of 0.26 mg/l. Test Reports: SGS Test Report & Green Label Test Report

Heveatech decking timber has the following certifications:

– Certification Singapore Green Labelling Scheme

– Heveatech Green Label Test Report

– Heveatech Janka Hardness

– Heveatech JAS 2008 F4S Formaldehyde Test

– Heveatech JIS-K-1571 2004 Termite Test

– Rainforest Alliance Certification

– SGS Emission Test Report

Naturally Beautiful

Wood is universally admired for the beauty of its natural wood grain as well as the comfort, tranquillity and warmth it brings to its environment. Heveatech is made without compromising on the natural, unparalleled beauty of the wood grain, preserving its natural beauty in order to bring you closer to nature in an environmentally responsible manner.

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